Market Update for Tree Fruit

Week of August 19 – August 25

Over the past week, we’ve seen a contraction in availability on many California stone fruit commodities.  Growers and shippers in the Central San Joaquin Valley have had to contend with hot days and low pack-outs and an uptick in overall pricing.  Yellow peaches seem to be the only plentiful item with good volumes of August Flame, Summer Flame and Kaweah varieties. Pricing on premium 48 size and larger 2-layer trays currently ranges from $14.95-$16.95.  Yellow nectarines and white flesh supplies are limited as overall pack-outs continue to come up short. FOB’s on 48 size 2-layer trays currently ranges from $18.95-$20.95 with pricing ranging from grower to grower.  We’ve seen a gap in plum supplies as Owen T and Friars finish for the year and growers wait for volumes of Black Cats to come online. Plum pricing has spiked with 40/45 size ranging from $22.95-$24.95 and 30/35 size ranging from $24.95-$26.95. Although availability and pricing seems to be a bit challenged, overall demand for stone fruit this summer has been underwhelming.