Market Update for Tree Fruit

Week of July 26 – July 31

Movement on California stone fruit continues to be lackluster on all stone fruit so far this season.  A combination of high FOB’s early on in the season, consistent retail pricing at $2.49 and higher and elevated transportation cost have all contributed to shippers finding themselves with aging product that needs to move. We are starting to see promotable prices being offered on yellow & white flesh varieties, but the question still remains if retailers will or even want to lower their pricing. FOB’s on 2 layer yellow & white flesh peaches range from $16.95-$18.95. The FOB’s on plums are still relatively high even though sizing has been an issue, ranging from $28.95-$32.95 with size being the determining factor.


Northwest cherry marketers were hoping to see the spot market firm last week as volumes begin winding down, but demand and pricing remained unchanged. We can expect there to be even less fruit available this week as many growers look to finish what was a disappointing season. Only a few of the larger shipping companies will still be packing by the end of the month. The spot market should open this week ranging from $18.95-$20.95 on 11 row, $26.95-$28.95 on 10.5 row and $32.95+ on 9.5 row. FOB’s should tick higher by the end of the week, as availability lessens.  Volumes from British Columbia are readily available, but sizing is very small with downward pricing pressure on 11.5 row fruit. There is a range in pricing with 10.5 row and larger from $36.95-$38.95 and 11.5 row fruit fetching $16.95-$18.95.