Market Update for Tree Fruit

Week of April 6 – April 12

Most retailers have pulled the plug on imported peaches and nectarines. They will continue to carry late season red and black plums but movement on those have slowed considerably. FOB’s range from $16–$24 with premium Angelino black plums fetching the higher end of the market. Consumer interest for stone fruit is very low and with our current health crisis expected to impact the market through the summer, California growers are very concerned about the upcoming season. This year’s cherry crop is estimated at 6 million cases, a number that would typically be sold at very high FOB’s. With consumers keenly focused on managing an ever tightening budget, it will be unlikely to move through this year’s cherry crop with retail pricing higher than $2.99 per lb. Finding the balance between supply and demand for any non-essential produce item will continue to be challenging as long as the Corona Virus impacts global markets.