Market Update for Tree Fruit

Week of September 21 – September 27

California stone fruit shipments continue to wind down with only a few growers still packing.  FOB’s on California peaches remain firm, ranging from $20.95-$22.95 but color and quality is on the decline. Yellow nectarines are trading from $18.95-$20.95 with the mostly market at $19.95 on 48 and larger. White flesh peaches and nectarines range from $20.95-$22.95 with the mostly at $20.95 on 48 and larger, but most retailers are now moving away from peaches and nectarines and will rely mainly black plums to fill the shelves through the balance of the month. Black plum pricing continues to firm with FOB’s ranging from $28.95-$34.95 with size and variety being the determining factors. The late season Angelino black plum crop will be smaller than past years and sizing will also be challenged peaking on 40’s and 50’s.