Market Update for Tree Fruit

Week of April 19 – April 25

Chilean stone fruit availability is beginning to wind down for the season, although there are still decent volumes of red and black plums available. Pricing on black and red plums ranges from $16-$20 on 2-layer trays with size and condition being the determining factors. There are some importers with yellow peaches and nectarines available, but overall quality has been on the decline for weeks.

California Cherries

California cherry growers are optimistic about this upcoming season. Overall volume looks to be significantly higher than last year’s crop, which was over 6 million boxes. Early projections indicate a 9-10 million box crop this season. We will see promotable volumes of Coral, Brooks and Tulare varieties by the second week of May, with Corals expected to exceed 4 million boxes. We should see Bings harvested towards the end of May and California growers are hoping to capture a strong market with reports that Washington could be a bit delayed.