Market Update for Tree Fruit

Week of June 14 – June 20

There is still an imbalance of availability in California as nectarine volumes remain very light and yellow peaches are readily available. That trend looks continue this week, and an extended heat wave will also hamper overall production. We will have to keep an eye on quality, as it’s very likely that growers will have some damage as temperatures exceed 112 degrees. Pricing yellow peach 48 size 2-layer trays range from $18.95-$22.95 with the mostly market at $20.95. Yellow nectarines range from $24.95-$26.95 on 48’s and $20.95-22.95 on 56 size.  White flesh peaches and nectarines are trading $2 higher. White flesh fruit is very susceptible to damage from high temperatures, so we may see a shortage towards the end of the month.


Volumes of Washington and California cherries are both readily available in the marketplace. California growers have had to deal with very small sizing all season, and this year’s Bing crop has followed suit. California marketers were not well prepared to handle the volume of small fruit, and the spot market has dropped significantly over the past 10 days. Unfortunately for Washington, FOB’s in California will be very aggressive this week as growers are looking to finish-up before retailers make the switch to fruit from the Northwest. Pricing on California cherries range from $42.90-$46.90 on 9.5 row, $34.90-$36.90 on 10.5 row, $30.90-$32.90 on 11 row, $20.90-$22.90 on 11.5 row and as low as $14.90 for 12 row. Northwest marketers are still holding out for significantly higher prices for premium sizing, but are being forced to match California for smaller sizes. With strong promotions set for the 4th of July, Washington growers are hoping to see the market stabilize. Yakima, WA is set to see temperatures reach the mid 90’s by the end of the week. This will certainly bring-on maturity, and marketers will have to try and stay ahead of production.