Market Update For Berries

Week of January 25 – January 31

After weeks of lackluster production, storm clouds in California’s forecast indicate another tough break for the strawberry industry.  Significant rain events in Santa Maria and Oxnard will sideline California for the foreseeable future, leaving the burden of supplying the nation on Mexico and Florida.  With combined production ranging from 425k-550k from both regions, we will certainly see pushed, prorated and canceled orders again this week.  There are still a few retailers who will be promoting strawberries, which will add strain to an already stressed market. Last week, we saw little to no availability on the spot market and expectations are to see that continue through the week.  If there is any fruit available, FOB’s will be extremely high ranging from $20-$26 in both Florida and Mexico.


Volumes of blueberries from Peru almost done and Chilean arrivals falling behind.  Exporters there are focused on cherry shipments to China, and the US market is coming up very short. Spot market FOB’s have jumped over the past 10 days and we can expect more of the same this week. Mexico has yet to cross any meaningful volume as cold weather hampers overall production. Look for FOB’s to range from $22-$26 on pints and $16-$20 on 6oz with very little availability on the market. Organic supplies are also very light with FOB’s ranging from $18-$22 on 6oz and $32-$34 on pints.