Market Update For Berries

Week of February 22 – February 28

This past Thursday and Friday, pack-outs in all three growing regions actually topped 1 million flats per day. The timing wasn’t great for Mexican importers as the extreme winter weather in Texas made securing logistics almost impossible. Inventories built over the weekend, and some marketers will be looking to cut deals early in the week. Both Florida and Mexico are expecting warmer weather this week, so we might see volumes tick even higher by the weekend. Spot market FOB’s on carried-over fruit could range from $14-$16 while marketers will look to hold $18 or better on fresh product to open the week. California volumes are also increasing week by week with both Santa Maria and Oxnard expecting very good growing conditions. Easter comes the first Sunday in April this year, and California growers are hopeful they will be ready with excellent quality fruit. Look for Easter ads to be set anywhere from $14-$18 with Florida and Mexico picking-up the lower end of that market. 


Production on Mexican blueberries have finally picked up, taking pressure off of the spot market. With most retailers not focusing on blueberry promotions, availability in McAllen as well as imports on the east coast have increased over the past 7 days. We have seen the spot market on pints drop to as low as $20 and 6oz conventional trading between $14-$16. There seems to be more supplies of 6oz organics as well, with the mostly market trading between $16-$18. We can expect there to be very little change in both demand and spot market pricing this week.