Market Update For Strawberries

Week of April 19 – April 25

With daytime temperatures struggling to get above 65 degrees for the next 10 days, strawberry growers in both Santa Maria and Oxnard will continue coming-up short this week. Even though most retailers are not promoting until Mothers Day, the pipeline is still fairly clean and demand remains steady.  Oxnard and Santa Maria are struggling to pack 800K flats daily combined, keeping spot market FOB’s relatively firm. Watsonville production is slowly increasing, although pack-outs are hovering around 50k flats per day.  For all intents and purposes, Florida is done for the season and overall volumes from Mexico are declining each week. Spot market pricing will open this week ranging from $16-$18 with a few quotes as high as $20 FOB. Most pre-committed programs are locked-in at $14 this week, with Mother’s Day ads booked between $14-$16. Retailers will need all three California growing regions to pack more than 1 million flats per day to take care of national promotional activity.