Optimistic Outlook for March & April Strawberry Supplies

Posted on February 24th, 2019

California strawberry shipments were effectively sidelined the entire month of February as persistent rain events hampered overall production in Oxnard.  The additional precipitation and cool weather have delayed harvest schedules but helped overall plant health and fields are now primed and staged for consistent production as we head into the month of March.  Once shipments from Mexico and Florida wrap up and California fields come fully online, retailers will jump right in as there is always a clear preference for California fruit. Although there is good volume expected, overall strawberry acreage in Oxnard is lower in comparison to previous years.  Growers and shippers in the region may not be able to support the entire industry early in the transition, and we could see FOB’s spike in the short-term until supply and demand equalize.  Santa Maria fields aren’t expected to come online for another 3-4 weeks, leaving growers and shippers in Oxnard the sole task of supplying the industry through the month March.  Once Santa Maria and Oxnard are both in full production, there should be excellent volume to support promotional activity through the month of April.

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