Our Inaugural Blog Post Announcing Our Virtual Cooler!

Posted on July 15th, 2014

We’ve had a busy summer so far and it’s just getting better and better.  Table grapes and California tree fruits are ripe and juicy.  Summer vacations are calling us all to the beach, northwoods and lakes for some much needed days off with the family.

Our Website Launch and Virtual Cooler

Our New Website

In June we launched our website. It was more fun than expected.  We worked hard to present a digital tool that would help you in buying decisions.  We wanted something innovative and helpful in our quest to continue our business transactions in a transparent fashion but filled with information for you to do your job even better.

If you missed our announcement in The Packer and would like to read the review, click here.

We have introduced the Virtual Cooler.  Our Virtual Cooler is updated with photos of the actual fruit representing each lot.

You can inspect each lot online by viewing pack style, bunch and size or cut fruit, box and 4 sample fruits.


DSM Service Door Bell

Insider’s tip: Did you know that if you Ring the Bell for Service – you can send a text message that goes right to Ira or Chuck?

New Information and Online Presence

Our online presence  is also bringing the commitment to posting blogs and market updates.  Every Tuesday you will see a new blog post or an update on market conditions.

If you have a minute we would be honored if  you visit us on G+ and leave a review.  We are new to this online presence concept and need a bit of a running start.

Our committment to you is to  keep our fruit and information fresh and relevant.  We would love to hear from you when we can provide information, guide a discussion or be of assistance.

Our business is a relationship business. We enjoy interacting with you and helping you get what you need, when you need it.

So, welcome to the new website and the virtual cooler.  “WHERE THERE IS NO COOLER FRUIT”