Market Update For Berries

Week of May 23 – May 29

We saw big numbers being packed in both Santa Maria and Watsonville early last week, with daily numbers on Monday and Tuesday exceeding 1.8 million flats. Typically, that kind of production would send the spot market spiraling out of control, but strong retail demand for Memorial Day helped keep the market stable. We even saw some growers sold out by Friday and prorating weekend orders. With perfect growing conditions in Santa Maria and Watsonville this coming week, we should see steady production again. We should also expect to see the spot market hold where it left off last week. Programs for the holiday were mostly set between $12-$14 and we should see FOB’s range from $10-$14 with the mostly at $12 through the balance off the week. Watsonville plants are still two weeks away from hitting peak production, so retailers should be able to take advantage of good promotional pricing through the month of June.