Market Update For Berries

Week of July 8 – July 14

Over the past 10 days we have seen daily pack-outs in Santa Maria drop. This is a very normal transition for this growing region and many growers will be looking to start their fall Portola crop sometime in early August. Even as the central valley is inundated in a severe heat wave, temperatures in both Santa Maria and Watsonville have remained in the mid to high 70’s. This has kept production steady, but demand leading up to the 4th of July was very strong and the spot market jumped to as high as $16.00 FOB. The market seemed to soften post-holiday, but the drop in production in Santa Maria should keep pricing firm this week. Watsonville growers will be shouldering the load until mid-August, so don’t expect the market to drop below current levels. The spot market ranges from $12.00 to $14.00, with the mostly settling in at $12.00 FOB. There are still some cheaper programs out there, but those are few and far between.