Market Update For Table Grapes

Week of June 27 – July 3

Steady volumes of Mexican table grapes continue to cross the border and strong retail movement leading up to the 4th of July has helped keep the markets stable.  This coming week, we should see the heaviest volumes of Sugraone, but overall volumes are trending lower than preseason estimates. Growers in Arvin, CA are looking to get started this week, but daily temperatures exceeding 105 degrees could slow them down a bit. The timing is perfect for California to come online with volumes of premium Mexican fruit declining over the next two weeks. Look for markets to firm on all varieties now through the first full week of July, and then settle in once Arvin comes fully online.

Red Seedless

It may feel as if the Flame market is relatively unchanged, but we may find it more difficult to find premium lots over the next two weeks. Volumes of medium/large and large fruit have been crossing in big numbers, which has kept the markets down, but we have seen general FOB’s on better x-large fruit firm. Arvin growers will be looking to pick a few Flames this week, but high temperatures will slow down the color just a bit, so we won’t see any real volumes until after the 4th of July. Currently, the best Flames are trading between 14.95 and $16.95, with the marketing trending higher. Sweet celebrations are selling between $18.95-$22.95 with the mostly market at $20.95. Early Arvin fruit will likely open at $22.95 and then adjust lower from there by the second full week of July.

Green Seedless

We’ve been waiting for the typical late June swoon, but overall markets for all green seedless varieties have held firm and look to go higher over the next two weeks. Growers who pulled Sugraone vines in favor of new varieties will be waiting another year before that new production can replace the lost volumes. Even as we expect to see strong crossings this week, volumes will be on the decline over the next two weeks. Arvin growers are hoping to take advantage of a good market after the 4th, but they will just be scratching early volumes. Mexican Sugraone are trading from $16.95-$20.95 with the mostly market at $18.95 fob. Sweet Globes are selling for $2-$4 higher, and these prices are likely to hold through the week. Early greens from Arvin should open at $24.95 and then settle in at $20.95-$22.95 by the second full week of July.

Black Seedless

Retail demand for black seedless is only fair and general movement has slowed considerably over the past 10 days. FOB’s have also suffered with some importers sending volumes to the terminal markets just to keep in front of production. The spot market is ranging from $14.95-$16.95 for premium fruit but deals are being made to keep product moving.