Market Update For Berries

Week of September 21 – September 27

Heavy prorates and cancelations from last week will leave the industry playing catch up and growers will be unable to meet their weekly commitments. Plants have not had adequate sunlight for almost 2 weeks now, due to the California wildfires, as growers wait for fruit to reach full color.  Pack-outs in both Watsonville and Santa Maria have plummeted over the past week ranging from 450k-650k flats per day and overall quality has suffered as well.  Typically, we would see northern growers pack until the middle of October, but a few growers may be forced to pull the plug by the end of the month.  Santa Maria growers are hopeful that their fall crop can produce some meaningful volumes, but high temperatures this week could further hamper overall production. Spot market fruit will remain extremely short this week with FOB’s ranging from $18-$22 with the mostly market at $20. 


Imported Peruvian shipments continue to trickle in with very light supplies available for the spot market.  Unseasonably cool weather has slowed production but growers are hopeful that pack-outs will increase by the end of the month. Mexico has yet to provide any meaningful volume and BC and Oregon quality has deteriorated. The spot market for pints remains very high with FOB’s ranging from $28-$32 with the mostly market at $30. Exporters from Peru are now shipping both pints and 6 oz. packs as some retailers and food service are looking for a lower price point. The market on 6 oz. ranges from $18-$22 with the mostly market at $20.  Don’t be surprised to see the spot market tick even high by the end of the month. Organic supplies from Peru are also lighter than expected, but we should see volumes increase by the first week of October. Pricing currently ranges from $22-$26 with the mostly market at $24 for organic 6 oz. packs.