Now arriving at stores – fresh Californian table grapes

Posted on August 19th, 2014

The domestic table grape season is in full swing. Californian grapes have been shipping for the last 2-4 weeks. We are lucky enough to now have table grapes year round with the supplement of winter and spring shipments from the southern hemisphere.

Table grapes are at their freshest in the summer and fall months with domestic shipments at peak.

Customers most value flavor and freshness while buyers are discerning for varieties that please their consumers. Offering multiple varieties and colors of grapes has come to be expected by consumers.

Our popular varieties this summer are:

Scarlet Royal Red Seedless fresh from California

• Scarlet Royal Red Seedless
• Autumn King Green Seedless
• Thompson Green Seedless

Be sure to check out Virtual Cooler for all our produce varieties that are currently available.

The appeal of cold grapes

It’s hard to resist a taste test from the package to ensure a sweet purchase.

It can be a challenge to keeping grapes moist without misting.

• The display area should be chilled but not cold enough to produce condensation on the grapes
• Keep the display area manageable and restock often for maximum freshness and consumer appeal

Consider a secondary display with wines, cheese, crackers, meats and chocolates from the Deli to encourage pairing grapes and other foods for meals and snacks.

Toss the crushed, molded and soft grapes before display or remove them often from the display.

Give your consumers tips on caring for their grapes

Look for grapes that are smooth, plump and attached to the stem
Refrigerate up to a week
Right before serving, rinse them under water and pat dry

Entice your buyer with frequent and unexpected recipe combinations.  We found a turkey and grape grilled cheese recipe from Rachel Ray that sounds like a perfect suggestion.

Maybe even encourage that they sample a nice chilled grape for that all important taste test experience.

Do you need advice on displays?  Give us a call, we can offer up more tips.