Market Updates for:

Table Grapes

Tree Fruits


Market Update for Domestic Table Grapes

The Central San Joaquin Valley looks to have a stretch of ideal weather for the next 10 days.  Warm days and cool nights should boost color on red seedless varieties.  Over the next 2 weeks many growers will be focusing their efforts on long term storage.  Most growers are positioning inventories for the late storage deal.  Sugar levels are peaking and growers are putting away their best fruit for November and December.  With a large percentage of grapes in the cooler and off the market, prices are stabilizing.

Red Seedless:

Scarlet Royals are still the primary red seedless grape on the market.  Production and quality are excellent.  Prices are holding at $16.95 – $18.95 FOB with some growers getting an extra dollar on Jumbo fruit.

Crimson Seedless – Volumes continue to be plentiful, but are still undersized in comparison to past years.  Pricing ranges from $14.95 – $16.95 FOB with some limited supply lots of XL at $18.95.

Green Seedless:

Autumn King – Now that fruit is reaching proper sugar levels, many growers are focusing on putting fruit away for long term storage.    Fresh packed inventory on XL grapes is fairly tight with many growers selling from $19.95 – $22.95 FOB.  Production will continue to ramp up over the next 2-3 weeks.  Retailers are set with green seedless promotions through the month of October.  As long as the weather continues to cooperate and provide stable conditions, volumes should be available through mid October.

Luisco & Thompson – No change in the market.  Neither variety is playing a major role in California.

Black Seedless:

Autumn Royals – High quality fruit is still being sent overseas.  Domestic fruit prices are holding at $16.95 – $17.95 FOB on a B box and $18.95 – $20.95 FOB on premium grapes.  Promotable volumes will be difficult through the rest of the season.

Organic Supplies:

Volume on organic Scarlet Royals are starting to dwindle. The industry is waiting for sugar levels on organic Crimsons before harvesting.  All red seedless varieties are tight.  Red Crimsons will replace Scarlet Royals as production ramps up in the next few weeks.  Autumn kings are still running the organic green seedless market with prices holding at $28.95 – $30.95 FOB.  Thompson organic supplies are still light.